Here is a Great Series by @melissabkruger on Reading the Bible in a Year

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, everyone is starting to talk about cranking up the yearly Bible reading for 2016.

But, if you are looking for more than just a link to a good Bible reading program, you will want to check out the great 4-part series my wife Melissa did over at TGC on her blog Wit’s End.  She provides the bigger picture reasons and motivations for why Bible reading in a year makes sense.

One of her key reasons is that yearly Bible reading allows us to see the big sweep of redemptive history, something piece-meal reading can never do.  Put differently, Bible reading in …

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Melissa Kruger’s Blog “Wit’s End” Moves to The Gospel Coalition

This past Friday it was announced that my wife Melissa’s blog, Wit’s End, has been moved over to The Gospel Coalition website.  This is very exciting news.

Melissa’s blog does a great job of talking about substantive theological topics while, at the same time, exploring practical nuts-and-bolts aspects of women’s ministry.  So, I think it will be a great fit over at TGC and helpful for all involved in ministry, whether men or women.

Here is Collin Hansen’s announcement below.  And as he says at the end, congratulate Melissa by follower her on Twitter!

Regular readers of our website will already know Melissa Kruger, but we’re delighted to

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Melissa Kruger Launches New Blog

I am very excited about my wife Melissa’s new blog which launches today. There are a tremendous amount of resources available on this site, covering a wide variety of topics such as women’s ministry, motherhood, contentment, life as a pastor’s wife, and more.

The site also includes a number of her articles, podcasts, talks, and videos.  Many of these have been published on other sites like the Gospel Coalition,, Reformation 21, and others.

Based on Psalm 107:27, she has creatively titled her new blog “Wit’s End: Having Nothing, Possessing Everything.”  Here is her explanation of the meaning of the title:

Slowly I am learning that being at my wit’s

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