Here is a Great Series by @melissabkruger on Reading the Bible in a Year

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December 29, 2015

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, everyone is starting to talk about cranking up the yearly Bible reading for 2016.

But, if you are looking for more than just a link to a good Bible reading program, you will want to check out the great 4-part series my wife Melissa did over at TGC on her blog Wit’s End.  She provides the bigger picture reasons and motivations for why Bible reading in a year makes sense.

One of her key reasons is that yearly Bible reading allows us to see the big sweep of redemptive history, something piece-meal reading can never do.  Put differently, Bible reading in one year allows us to see (more clearly) that the Bible is really one story, not just a bunch of little ones.

She writes:

Standing up close to an impressionist painting gives you one view of the master’s work – the intricacies of design, the vibrant colors, and the individual brush marks. However, backing away from the painting allows you to see the picture in its entirety. Just as we need both perspectives to be able to appreciate a painting to its fullest, we need both types of views as we read our Bibles.

Taking a year to read the Bible in its entirety allows us the opportunity to back up and observe the full picture. We see the larger story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration in the midst of all the individual stories. All scripture contains the same DNA – Jesus is on every page, present in every story. The Gospel is repeated in shadows-like accounts, preparing us for the ultimate rescue. Reading the Bible through in a shorter amount of time also allows us a better opportunity to connect what we learned in Deuteronomy with the message of Galatians. You will glean insights that you might have missed (or forgotten) if you read it over a longer time span.

Here is her 4-part series:

1. Daily Bread: 8 Reasons You Need it More Than You Think

2. Fruitful Vines: 7 Reasons to Read the Bible in a Year

3. Stopping Before You Start: 6 Possible Objections to Reading the Bible in a Year

4. My Favorite Bible in a Year Reading Plan



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