What I’ll Be Up to at the TGC National Conference

Next week, Sept 25-27 th , I’ll be headed to Indianapolis to participate in The Gospel Coalition National
Conference entitled, “Hope in the Wilderness.”

The conference this year is unique because TGC is partnering with other organizations to offer “micro
events.” These are sort of like smaller conferences within the larger conference. So, while TGC has
invited plenary speakers, and even sponsored some of their own breakout sessions, each of these
organizations have invited their own speakers.

On that note, Reformed Theological Seminary has a micro event with a number of speakers including
myself, James Anderson, Greg Beale, Scott Swain, Leigh Swanson, Nancy Guthrie, Melissa Kruger, and
Ligon Duncan.

In …

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@RTSCharlotte Speakers at @TGC National Conference

Next week, I will be heading to Orlando, FL to speak at the 2015 National Conference for The Gospel Coalition, April 13-15. This is always a great event that provides an opportunity to hear some great talks, catch up with old friends, and check out the latest books.

I am speaking at 4:30 on April 14th on the topic of “How Do We Know the Bible is God’s Word? Recovering the Doctrine of a Self-Authenticating Scripture.”

Other RTS Charlotte folks are also participating in the conference.  Dr. James Anderson, associate professor of theology and philosophy, will be speaking on Worldview Apologetics .  Dr. Anderson is one of the brightest …

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