What I’ll Be Up to at the TGC National Conference

Michael J. Kruger

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September 20, 2023

Next week, Sept 25-27 th , I’ll be headed to Indianapolis to participate in The Gospel Coalition National  Conference entitled, “Hope in the Wilderness.”

The conference this year is unique because TGC is partnering with other organizations to offer “micro events.” These are sort of like smaller conferences within the larger conference. So, while TGC has invited plenary speakers, and even sponsored some of their own breakout sessions, each of these organizations have invited their own speakers.

On that note, Reformed Theological Seminary has a micro event with a number of speakers including myself, James Anderson, Greg Beale, Scott Swain, Leigh Swanson, Nancy Guthrie, Melissa Kruger, and Ligon Duncan.

In addition to the normal conference activities of catching up with old friends or perusing the book stalls, here’s a few things I’ll be up to:

  1. Sept 25th, 1 PM: I am speaking on “6 Misconceptions about the Origins of the New Testament Canon” for the Phoenix Seminary/Text and Canon Institute micro event. John Meade will give the OT talk, and I will give the NT Talk.

  2. Sept 26th, 3:30 PM: I am speaking on “Hope in Doubt: How to Face Questions about the Faith in a
    Skeptical Age” for the Reformed Theological Seminary micro event. This has been a topic I’ve been
    working on for a while, ever since my book, Surviving Religion 101: Letters to a Christian Student on Keeping the Faith in College.

  3. Sept 27th, 11:45 PM: I am moderating a panel discussion for an auxiliary event on “Trauma and Abuse in the Church: A Biblical Response” for Gospel Care Collective and Evangelical Council for AbusePrevention. Panelists include Jeremy Pierre, Jennifer Greenberg, Eliza Huie, and Jason Kovacs.

  4. Sept 27th, 1:30 PM: I am speaking on “Bully Pulpit: Confronting the Problem of Spiritual Abuse,” for
    The Gospel Coalition’s own micro event. Of course, this is addressing the topic of my recent book bythe same name.

  5. The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics. A number of TKC fellows will be speaking at the
    conference and we will all be gathering together for fellowship on Monday night, in addition to
    other times throughout the week.

  6. The RTS Booth. Since RTS is a micro event sponsor, we will have a booth in the book area. I will be
    hanging out there from time to time. Please come say hello!


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