Your Greatest Doubts and Fears: A New Sunday School Class

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

January 13, 2022

“Don’t forget in the dark what you learned in the light.” –C.S. Lewis

These words by C.S. Lewis remind us that the Christian life can be filled with dark times—doubts, fears, and questions about all sorts of things. What if Christianity is wrong and we are deceiving ourselves? Why would God allow a world so filled with evil? If Christianity is true then why are there so many intelligent people who reject it?  If God is real then why do so many Christians seem caught in sin?  How can I say Jesus is the only way to heaven and not be arrogant and intolerant?

These are precisely the kinds of questions and issues that cause people to struggle with doubt (which I’ve written about here), or wonder if they need to “deconstruct” their faith (which I’ve written about here).

In order to tackle these issues, I’ve begun a 13-week Sunday School class at my church entitled, “Your Greatest Doubts and Fears.” I plan to post the recording and handout each week according to the schedule below. You can check back here regularly to get the latest installment.

The first class below is already available. Enjoy!

Jan 9: Doubting Christian: What Role do Doubts and Fear Play in the Christian Life? (handout; recording)
Jan 16: [Class cancelled due to snow]
Jan 23: If Christianity is True then Why do so Many Intelligent People reject it? (handout; recording)
Jan 30: Does saying Jesus is the Only Way Make us Arrogant or Intolerant? (handout; recording)
Feb 6: Does the existence of evil and suffering in the world mean that God doesn’t exist? (handout; recording)
Feb 13: Some parts of the Bible seem morally troubling—are we sure it’s a “good” book? (handout; recording)
Feb 20: How Do I Deal with Depression and Anxiety About the Future? (Guest teacher Alberto Paredes; handout; recording)
Feb 27: [No Sunday School]
Mar 6: If Christianity is true, then how we do explain the bad behavior of Christians? (handout; recording)
Mar 13: Isn’t Christianity just the same as all the other religions? What makes it different? (Guest teacher Alberto Paredes; handout; recording)
Mar 20: What if the Gospels are just made-up stories? Is it possible everything we believe is a lie? (handout; recording)
Mar 27: Lots of Christians are “deconstructing” their faith? Does that mean Christianity isn’t true? (handout; recording)
April 3: What do I do if Christianity Just isn’t working for me? (handout; recording)
April 10: What if I am Not a Christian? How Can I Know for Sure? (Guest teacher Alberto Paredes; handout; recording)


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