World Magazine and the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

October 29, 2012

I just noticed that the most recent print edition of World Magazine had a write up on the recent “discovery” of the so-called Gospel of Jesus’s Wife, a purportedly fourth-century Coptic gospel where Jesus refers to “my wife.”  The online link can be found here.

The World Magazine article referred to my original discussion of this fragment published on the TGC website here.   The article picked up on one of the most critical points I was trying to make in my original discussion: “of all the known ‘gospels’ of Christ, ‘only Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are dated to the first century.'”

This is a rather simple, but often overlooked fact.  And if it were remembered more often, then sensationalistic claims about early gospels would be regarded as, well, less sensational.  And that would be a refreshing change.


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