What is the Relationship Between Biblical Counseling and Preaching in the Local Church?

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

September 15, 2016

Here at RTS Charlotte, we are very excited about the recent arrival of Dr. Jim Newheiser, our new Associate Professor of Christian Counseling and Practical Theology, and the Director of the Counseling Program.

As many of you know, just a short time ago we launched a new Masters degree program in biblical counseling. This has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm and we believe it will meet a real need in the body of Christ.

Our program has assembled some of the finest faculty in biblical counseling today, as we have drawn upon leading figures all over the country.  Visiting professors have included David Powlison, Ed Welch, Rod Mays, Heath Lambert, Deepak Reju, Todd Stryd, Tim Lane, Jeff Forrey, and others.

But, every program needs a director, and we are thrilled Dr. Newheiser has joined our faculty.

Recently (Aug, 30, 2016), Dr. Newheiser offered the opening lecture of the year at our kick-off convocation event entitled, “The Relationship Between Biblical Counseling and Preaching in the Local Church.” Here is the video (starts with my welcome and then moves to Dr. Newheiser’s lecture):


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