The @RTSCharlotte Women’s Bible Study Has Started Again!

Michael J. Kruger

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September 18, 2017

As many of you know, from 2014 to 2016 I led a women’s Bible study on the RTS Charlotte campus on the book of Romans–42 installments in all. The HD videos of the study (with handouts) are available here.

We continue to be encouraged to hear that the videos are being watched by folks all over the country and the world.  Just a short time ago, I received an email from a group in Slovakia that is working their way through the Romans study.

The idea for this study was born out of a desire to connect with the people in the city of Charlotte outside the formal classroom setting. A lot of people are too intimidated to take one of the standard seminary classes, but I thought they may be willing to come on campus an participate in “normal” Bible Study.

After taking a year off from Romans, this past week we launched the women’s Bible study again.  We are so excited to have 165 women register.

This time we are in the book of Hebrews which is a magnificent book in its own right. As is well known, the theme of the book is the supremacy of Christ over all things.  The audience is likely a Jewish-Christian community thinking about turning back to the old ways of Judaism.

So the author spends his time showing that Jesus is superior to the prophets, the angels, to Moses, to Joshua, to Aaron and more.

Although modern American audiences may not be thinking about a return to animal sacrifices in the Temple, the book certainly applies to anything we substitute for Christ in our lives.  In short, it reminds us that “Jesus is Better.”

For details on the Bible study, see here.  For the introductory video, along with the video of the first session, see below:




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