The Early Text of the New Testament Now Available (in the UK)

Michael J. Kruger

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June 20, 2012

I just heard from the folks at Oxford University Press this week and they indicated that the volume edited by Chuck Hill and myself, The Early Text of the New Testament, is now available in the UK.  Unfortunately, like many Oxford volumes, it is a bit pricey at 90 pounds ($175).  Ouch.  But, hopefully some major research libraries will pick it up (and some scholars with a generous book budget!).   The book is available in the US in August.

Here is a blurb from the back cover and the table of contents:

The Early Text of the New Testament aims to examine and assess from our earliest extant sources the most primitive state of the New Testament text now known. What sort of changes did scribes make to the text? What is the quality of the text now at our disposal? What can we learn about the nature of textual transmission in the earliest centuries? In addition to exploring the textual and scribal culture of early Christianity, this volume explores the textual evidence for all the sections of the New Testament. It also examines the evidence from the earliest translations of New Testament writings and the citations or allusions to New Testament texts in other early Christian writers.

Introduction: In Search of the Earliest Text of the New Testament
Charles E. Hill and Michael J. Kruger

I. The Textual and Scribal Culture of Early Christianity

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1. The Book Trade in the Roman Empire
Harry Y. Gamble

2. Indicators of ‘Catholicity’ in Early Gospel Manuscripts.
Scott Charlesworth

3. Towards a Sociology of Reading in Early Christianity
Larry Hurtado

4. Early Christian Attitudes towards the Reproduction of Texts
Michael J. Kruger

II. The Manuscript Tradition

5. The Early Text of Matthew
Tommy Wasserman

6. The Early Text of Mark
Peter Head

7. The Early Text of Luke
Juan Hernández

8. The Early Text of John
Juan Chapa

9. The Early Text of Acts
Christopher Tuckett

10. The Early Text of Paul (and Hebrews)
James R. Royse

11. The Early Text of the Catholic Epistles
J. K. Elliott

12. The Early Text of Revelation
Tobias Nicklas

13. ‘Where Two or Three are Gathered Together’:
The Witness of the Early Versions
Peter Williams

III. Early Citation and Use of New Testament Writings

14. ‘In These Very Words’. Methods and Standards
of Literary Borrowing in the Second Century
Charles E. Hill

15. The Text of the New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers
Paul Foster

16. Marcion and the Early New Testament Text
Dieter T. Roth

17. Justin’s Text of the Gospels. Another Look
at the Citations in 1 Apol. 15.1–8
Joseph Verheyden

18. Tatian’s Diatessaron and the Greek Text of the Gospels
Tjitze Baarda

19. Early Apocryphal Gospels and the New Testament Text
Stanley E. Porter

20. Irenaeus’s Text of the Gospels in Adversus haereses
D. Jeffrey Bingham and Billy R. Todd, Jr.

21. Clement of Alexandria’s Gospel Citations
Carl P. Cosaert



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