Where Are They Now? RTS Charlotte Alumna Elizabeth Parker

I’ve said it before and now I will say it again: more Reformed churches need to consider adding staff positions in the area of women’s ministry.  It is so exciting to see the many women RTS Charlotte has trained over the years head out into ministry and be a blessing to the church. These women bring a life and vitality to their ministries that is bearing real fruit.

In prior installments of the Where Are They Now? series, I have highlighted a number of our female grads, including Alyson Averitt, Connice Dyar, and Cynthia Ruble.  Now I am pleased to highlight Elizabeth Parker, class of 2014.


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Melissa Kruger Launches New Blog

I am very excited about my wife Melissa’s new blog which launches today. There are a tremendous amount of resources available on this site, covering a wide variety of topics such as women’s ministry, motherhood, contentment, life as a pastor’s wife, and more.

The site also includes a number of her articles, podcasts, talks, and videos.  Many of these have been published on other sites like the Gospel Coalition, Christianity.com, Reformation 21, and others.

Based on Psalm 107:27, she has creatively titled her new blog “Wit’s End: Having Nothing, Possessing Everything.”  Here is her explanation of the meaning of the title:

Slowly I am learning that being at my wit’s

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Where Are They Now? RTS Charlotte Alumna Alyson Averitt

I get asked all the time about what aspects of ministry can be improved in Reformed denominations in America (e.g., PCA, ARP, EPC, OPC). While there are many answers to that question, there is one that stands out: more Reformed churches need to include staff positions for women’s ministry. While the public preaching of the Word, done by ordained ministers, will always be the core ministry of any church, there are many other critical ministries that should not be ignored. And women’s ministry is one of them.

Paul explicitly gives the command that certain women in the church are to “teach what is good, and so train the young women” …

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