Did Jesus Really “Become” God? My Review of Bart Ehrman’s Latest

Last week I mentioned that I have begun a new series on my blog responding to Bart Erhman’s latest volume, How Jesus Became God–The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee (HarperOne, 2014). For the prior posts in this series, see here and here. Future posts will come over the next few weeks.

Many of the posts in this series (though not all) will be drawn from my full-length review of Ehrman’s book.  I have just learned that Reformation 21 has now posted that full review here.

The review covers a lot of ground, ranging from early Christian views of semi-divine figures, to whether Jesus claimed to be …

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Can the New Testament Canon be Defended? My Interview with Derek Thomas

Reformation 21, the website of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, just posted my interview with Derek Thomas on my new book, Canon Revisited.   I appreciate Derek’s invitation to do this interview–it was an interesting discussion on a number of important topics related to canon.

Here is an excerpt:

[DT] What are the most crucial issues relating to a conservative/reformed defense of the canon today?

[MK] I think one of the critical weaknesses in modern canonical studies is that Christians often have no theology of canon.  We have a lot of historical facts–anyone who has read the fine works of Metzger and Bruce will have plenty of patristic

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