Book Notice: Can We Trust the Gospels?

I recently received an advanced reader copy of the new book by Peter J. Williams, Can We Trust the Gospels? (Crossway, 2018). Peter is the Principal of Tyndale House, a study center (mainly focused on biblical studies) out of Cambridge, England.

Although similar books have been written in the past (curiously Mark Roberts wrote a 2007 volume for Crossway with the exact same title!), this new volume has some excellent features:

– It does not presuppose prior knowledge of the Gospels, even having a chapter entitled, “What are the Four Gospels?”  Thus, it would be great to give to a new Christian or a non-Christian.

– There’s an intriguing …

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Why You Can Trust Your Bible: An Interview with Peter Williams

I recently saw this interesting interview at TGC with my friend Peter Williams.  Peter is a biblical scholar and the CEO of Tyndale House in Cambridge, England–a study center for evangelical scholars.  I spent my sabbatical at Tyndale House in 2009 and had a delightful time.

Here are the various questions he answers:

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