A Fantastic New Book for Women

Being a mom is not easy.  It is a whirlwind experience filled with exhilaration and joy on the one hand, and exhaustion and challenges on the other. There are days when a mom finds deep satisfaction in her new role as a parent, and there are other days when she doesn’t know if she can go on.

During times like this, it is critical that a mom find her joy and her assurance in a stable place that cannot be shaken.  And that is found in her relationship with Jesus Christ.

For this reason, I am very excited that this week my wife Melissa’s new book was released, Walking with

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Melissa Kruger Launches New Blog

I am very excited about my wife Melissa’s new blog which launches today. There are a tremendous amount of resources available on this site, covering a wide variety of topics such as women’s ministry, motherhood, contentment, life as a pastor’s wife, and more.

The site also includes a number of her articles, podcasts, talks, and videos.  Many of these have been published on other sites like the Gospel Coalition, Christianity.com, Reformation 21, and others.

Based on Psalm 107:27, she has creatively titled her new blog “Wit’s End: Having Nothing, Possessing Everything.”  Here is her explanation of the meaning of the title:

Slowly I am learning that being at my wit’s

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Seminary Wives: You are Not Wasting Your Lives

Every year I see a new crop of seminary students, eager to jump into their studies and to prepare for ministry.  But, behind the scenes, there is another story that often goes untold.  The story of the seminary wives.

Of course, I recognize that there are also seminary husbands, but there is a unique challenge for seminary wives as they sometimes struggle to find their own calling in the mist of following their husband’s.

Seminary can be a wonderful, exciting time, full of fresh spiritual growth.  But it can also be a struggle–financially, spiritually, and relationally.  In the mist of these struggles, it is easy for wives to wonder whether …

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The “Mother” Sin We Have Forgotten

The last of the ten commandments seems a bit out of place, doesn’t it?  “Do not covet.”  While the heinousness of the other commandments is relatively obvious to us, the tenth commandment stands out, in our own minds, as relatively benign.  How serious can it be?

But, when you probe deeper into this commandment, something very different emerges. It is much more serious than we think.  For one, aspects of coveting are mentioning in a number of key places in the Bible.  It is the “love of money,” a form of coveting, that is the “root of all kinds of evils” (1 Tim 6:10).  And when Paul is looking for …

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Wonderful New Book: The Envy of Eve

My wife Melissa has just published a wonderful new book, The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World (Christian Focus, 2012).  The issue of coveting is one that does not get much attention in today’s church (when’s the last time you heard a sermon on it?).   Yet, as she points out in her book, coveting is really a “mother” sin.  That is, when left unchecked it can give birth to all kinds of other sins.

Thus, coveting is the foundation for suspicion of, and rebellion against, both our maker and our neighbor.  In this sense, coveting is the direct opposite of the two greatest commandments: “And you shall

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