A Wonderful New Kids Book on Contentment

OK, so I really love my wife’s new book. I know that may seem predictable since I am her husband, but this new kids book really captures some wonderful biblical truths in a winsome, fun, and entertaining way.

Melissa just released Lucy and the Saturday Surprise (Crossway, 2023), which is the latest installment in the TGC Kids series. It tells the story of a little girl named Lucy who gets to pick out a treat at the local candy story along with her brother. Soon, she regrets here choice and grows envious of the treat her brother got. As a result she engages in the well-worn pattern that coveting …

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What Do Contentment, Identity, and Joy Have in Common? Three Great New Resources

So, pleased to see three great new resources released this year by my wife, Melissa.  And they cover the topics of contentment, identity, and joy.

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First, Ligonier ministries just released a new 8-part video series with Melissa on contentment which would be fantastic for Bible studies, women’s groups, or Sunday School classes.

Here’s the summary from Ligonier

Many Christians struggle with comparison, covetousness, and complaining. But the Apostle Paul was content in plenty and in want. What was Paul’s secret, and how do we cultivate contentment in our lives? In Contentment, Melissa Kruger considers what it really means to be content: to place our trust in our good and sovereign

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Wonderful New Book: The Envy of Eve

My wife Melissa has just published a wonderful new book, The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World (Christian Focus, 2012).  The issue of coveting is one that does not get much attention in today’s church (when’s the last time you heard a sermon on it?).   Yet, as she points out in her book, coveting is really a “mother” sin.  That is, when left unchecked it can give birth to all kinds of other sins.

Thus, coveting is the foundation for suspicion of, and rebellion against, both our maker and our neighbor.  In this sense, coveting is the direct opposite of the two greatest commandments: “And you shall

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