Surviving Doubt: Six Videos Providing Answers to Difficult Questions about the Christian Faith

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

October 27, 2020

Ever had a moment in your life where you doubted what you believe? I mean, really doubted?

I can still remember when that happened in my life. It was my freshman year at UNC-Chapel Hill as I was sitting in a religion class on the New Testament. The professor was bright, funny, and persuasive. And he was arguing that the New Testament was chocked full of mistakes and contradictions.

As I sat there, I had no answers. I began to wonder whether Christianity was just something people made up.

By God’s grace, I persevered through those doubts and now have the privilege to be a professor who argues that the Bible can be trusted. But there are many other college students each year who have the same experience as mine. They hear challenges to what they believe and they wonder if there are answers.

For this reason, RTS Charlotte is launching a new a weekly video series where I address some of the most potent attacks on the Christian faith. It is based on my forthcoming book, Surviving Religion 101: Letters to a Christian Student on Keeping the Faith in College (Crossway; releases April 6, 2021).

While this video series is certainly applicable to college students, it is really for any Christian who wants to be equipped to answer the most difficult questions about the Christian faith.

In the video below, I introduce the series and explain more about my own story. To learn more about how to receive the six-part video series, see here!


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