@RTSCharlotte Launches Women in Ministry Scholarship

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

May 22, 2019

One of the most exciting developments over the last few years at RTS Charlotte is the increasing number of female students in our various degree programs. There is a vibrant community of women on campus led by our Community Life Coordinator, Mallie Taylor.

And these women are some of our best and brightest. Every semester we give awards for the best student papers, and this past year a large percentage of the winners were female students.

And this is good news for the church. Women contribute to and enrich so many different ministries in the church. Examples include: missions, counseling, evangelism, discipleship, women’s ministry, mercy ministry, youth ministry, children’s ministry, administration, college ministry, and more.  For more, see my article, “Five Reasons to Include Women on Your Church Staff.”

But, here is the challenge. There tends to be fewer scholarship opportunities available for female seminary students. It’s hard to come to seminary if there are not the resources to pay for it.

For these reasons, I am pleased to announce that RTS Charlotte is launching a new scholarship just for female seminary students. Starting in Fall, 2019, the Charlotte campus will offer the Women in Ministry Scholarship, providing at least a 50% tuition discount to female students.

Nancy Guthrie, speaker and best-selling author of the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series, commented on the new scholarship:

“Sometimes women who want to attend seminary wonder if they will be welcomed, respected, and taken seriously by the administration, the professors, and their fellow seminarians. This new scholarship states loudly and clearly to women: We want you here at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte!”

For more info, you can read formal announcement here, and you can watch this overview video below. I hope to see you on campus in the fall!



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