RTS Panel on the Authority of Scripture at The Gospel Coalition

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

February 27, 2013

A couple of days ago, TGC announced on its website that professors from Reformed Theological Seminary will be participating in a couple of panel discussions during the first evening (April 8 at 5:30) of its upcoming annual conference in Orlando.

I will be participating in the first panel discussion on the authority of Scripture, moderated by Justin Taylor.  I look forward to joining my RTS colleagues John Currid, Chuck Hill, and Bruce Baugus.  Should be an interesting discussion that ranges from text and canon issues (Chuck and myself), to the relationships between the OT and ANE literature (Currid), to the theological and philosophical foundations for our view of the Bible (Baugus).

The second panel looks equally interesting as it explores the theme of “Seeing Christ in the Old Testament.”  That panel will include Derek Thomas, Miles Van Pelt, Scott Redd and Mark Futato, moderated by David Mathis.  A discussion between three excellent OT scholars (Futato, Van Pelt and Redd), and one of our finest theologians and preachers (Derek Thomas), should make for a fascinating session.

You will not want to miss either of these.  For the full TGC article, see here.


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