RTS Charlotte Women’s Bible Study Has a New Look

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

December 27, 2018

As many of you know, from 2014 to 2016 I led a women’s Bible study on the RTS Charlotte campus on the book of Romans–42 installments in all.

Starting in 2017, the women’s Bible study resumed with the book of Hebrews.  This past fall, we just finished the 25th installment and plan to wrap up the book in the Spring.

We continue to be encouraged to hear that the videos are being watched by folks all over the country and the world.  I even heard a recent story of someone coming to Christ by watching the videos in California.

For those interested in getting the videos and handouts, RTS just launched a new website and the Hebrews study has a new look.  You can find the first 25 HD videos of Hebrews here, and we have also assembled all the study notes (thus far) into an e-book for you to download.

You can also download each handout individually. You will see the link to individual handouts as soon as you click on one of the videos to watch.

Due to the transition in the website, I have received a lot of emails lately asking where the videos went. Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks.

If you are looking for the Romans videos/handouts, we are still working on that.  In the meantime, you can find the Romans videos here (handouts are not up yet).

Also, please know you can always find the Romans and Hebrews videos on Vimeo.

For those looking to get a feel for the study, here’s my welcome video for the Hebrews study as well as the first installment:



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