New Review of James Anderson’s “What’s Your Worldview?”

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

October 28, 2014

James Anderson, Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy here at RTS Charlotte, has written a wonderful little book entitled What’s Your Worldview?.  Over at Reformation 21, Gabriel Fluhrer has offered a very positive review. Although there are many books on the topic of worldviews (maybe too many), Fluhrer argues that Anderson’s is unique. He says, “Anderson’s work might be the best brief worldview book to date.”

He concludes his review:

In the end there is very little to criticize in Anderson’s work, even if one is not a Christian.  Those who hold to any one of the twenty or so worldviews Anderson scrutinizes will find their position fairly stated.  Moreover, those who disagree with Anderson’s concise rebuttals will be forced to think through the implications of their worldview and reckon with its problems. That’s a good thing for any thoughtful person to do.

The Christian will come away with a perhaps newfound appreciation for the strength, beauty, and rigor of the Christian worldview.  Certainly, as I mentioned earlier, this is a book every church, college ministry, youth ministry, or camp should have in abundance and give away freely and regularly.  What’s Your Worldview? is winsome and well informed, direct but engaging, and stands out as an industry standard in perhaps the most overcrowded industry in evangelicalism.

You can read the whole thing here.


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