New Counseling Program at RTS Charlotte

Michael J. Kruger

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April 1, 2014

For the last year or more, we have been working on launching a new counseling program at RTS Charlotte.  Today the official announcement has gone out.  Here is the press release (click the last link in order to see a special video overview of the program):

Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC is pleased to announce that a new counseling degree program will begin in fall, 2014. The primary degree is the 66 credit-hour MA in Christian Counseling (MACC). There will also be options for an MDiv and MACC dual degree, an MATS/BS and MACC dual degree, and an MDiv with a counseling emphasis.

The new counseling degree program is fully approved and accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

RTS Charlotte president, Dr. Michael J. Kruger (pictured left), commented on the new program, “We are excited to see how God will bless these new degree options in counseling at RTS Charlotte. While we already train our students in the public ministry of the Word, like preaching, these new degree options will allow us to more effectively train them in the private ministry of the Word as well. It will equip our students to apply God’s Word in the one-on-one situations that are so common in the life of any Christian leader.”

A distinctive feature of the counseling degree at RTS Charlotte is that it requires, in addition to counseling courses, a significant number of courses in biblical studies, systematic theology and apologetics.  This well-rounded curriculum allows students to engage the counseling task on the solid foundation of a Scriptural worldview.

The degree program is primarily designed to prepare students to do counseling in the local church and other ministry contexts (campus ministry, women’s ministry, military chaplaincy, etc.). As to the choice of pastoral counseling models, RTS Charlotte’s program will embody a model of biblically-grounded care and counsel manifested in organizations such as the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF).

Dr. David Powlison, director of CCEF, commented on the new Charlotte program, “Wise biblical counseling should be one of the core ministries of every church. The desire of RTS to restore hands-on cure of souls to its proper place is a real advance for the kingdom, and I am looking forward to seeing the future fruitfulness.”

The RTS Charlotte campus has become a national and international training ground for pastors, missionaries, educators, and leaders in the church. It has a beautiful 17 acre campus, 10 full-time resident faculty members, a library of 55,000 volumes, and hundreds of alumni serving Christ all over the globe. In addition to the new counseling degree programs, RTS Charlotte offers the Master of Divinity degree, the Master of Arts degree (Biblical or Theological Studies), and the Doctor of Ministry degree.  It also hosts the Institute for Reformed Campus Ministry and the Chaplains Ministry Institute, designed to provide additional training for students who plan to work in these strategic areas.

Those interested in learning more about the RTS Charlotte counseling program, as well as information about applying for financial aid, are encouraged to visit



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