Looking for Lay-Level Videos on the Origins of the NT Canon? Here’s My New @Ligonier Series

Michael J. Kruger

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August 21, 2019

One of the most common questions I am asked is whether I have introductory, lay-level material on the origins of the NT canon that people can use in their churches.  For small group Bible studies or Sunday School classes, most people simply won’t read Canon Revisited or any of my other books.

So, I point the reader to my recent video series with Ligonier where I give six introductory lectures on the origins and authority of the NT canon.  My hope is that this will meet a need for churches looking to do something on canon but not knowing where to turn.

You can order the videos here in either MP3 or DVD format (currently the DVD’s are sold out!). Here are the six topics along with description of the series:

Lecture 1: The Problem of Canon

Lecture 2: The Definition of Canon

Lecture 3: The Reason for Canon

Lecture 4: The Date of the Canon

Lecture 5: The Authors of the Canon

Lecture 6: The Attributes of the Canon

Opponents of Christianity raise challenging questions about the origins, authorship, age, and reliability of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament. When the authenticity of the New Testament is questioned, so is the gospel. In this series, Dr. Michael Kruger critiques the most common objections to the canon and presents abundant evidence that these books are the authentic, true, and inspired Word of God. This is a series to help dispel doubts and give you confidence that the right books, and only the right books, are in the Bible.


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