Kathleen Nielson Comes to RTS Charlotte

Michael J. Kruger

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March 6, 2014

There are many wonderful things happening at RTS Charlotte these days, but I am particularly excited about the vibrant women’s ministry happening here.  Throughout the year there are a number of great events for our female students, student wives, female staff, faculty wives, and other women in the area who are a part of the RTS community. They enjoy a deep and rich fellowship.

On this note, RTS Charlotte will host its sixth annual women’s conference this coming weekend, March 7-8, with guest speaker Kathleen Nielson.  Past speakers have included Nancy Guthrie, Elsie Newell, and Melissa Kruger. For the details of the conference, see here.

Kathleen not only blogs at The Gospel Coalition, but she serves as their director of women’s initiatives, and also has authored a number of books, particularly the Living Word Bible Studies.

The weekend topic is “Living and Active Psalms: Handle with Care.” Kathleen describes it further:

As we dig into the poetry of the Psalms, we find ourselves invited into a place of live communication with the God of the universe. The Psalms are the perfect worship leaders—leading us in prayer and praise. They not only invite us in but also send us out, to spread the knowledge and praise of God. We need to dig with care into the living and active words of the Psalms

We are pleased to say that the event is sold out!  But if you want info on future RTS Charlotte women’s events, please email Tari Williamson, [email protected].  We hope to see you at one in the future.



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