Is Marriage a Good Thing?

Michael J. Kruger

Posted on

April 16, 2024

Marriage has fallen on hard times of late.

As of 2020, US News and World Report documented how the US marriage rates have dropped to historic lows. Indeed, since records were kept from the early 1800’s, at no point in our history have people been married so infrequently.

But it’s not just declining rates—the people who are getting married are getting married later. Just let these numbers sink in: In 1978, the number of people between 18 and 34 who were married was nearly 60%. As of 2018, that number felt to 29%.

Now, it would be all too easy to look at these numbers and declare we just live in a pagan world where people reject God’s ways and live in rebellion to him. And no doubt that’s true for some people.

But, it might be worth reflecting on why people avoid marriage today. For many of them it’s not so much that they are bucking up against Scripture, but because they have grown up in homes where they saw all the pain, division, and dysfunctionality caused by a bad marriage.

In other words, generations of sin, and generations of broken marriages, have had their effect. It has led many young people today to question its goodness. And we should have compassion on that dilemma.

So, the whole idea of marriage needs a little rehabilitation. We need to remember what it is, why God gave it, and what it is designed to do. In the talk below which I gave at the Ligonier National Conference, I lay out five important truths to remember about marriage:

1. Marriage is Divine Institution

2. Marriage is a Good Institution

3. Marriage is a Fallen Institution

4. Marriage is a Redemptive Institution

5. Marriage is a Gospel Institution




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