Here are Some Great Videos on the Five Solas from the Faculty of Reformed Theological Seminary

Michael J. Kruger

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November 27, 2017

Last month RTS Charlotte and Christ Covenant Church came together to host a Reformation conference entitled, The Gospel of Grace and Glory: The Reformation at 500 and Counting.

The five plenary sessions of this conference were on the five solas of the Reformation: Kevin DeYoung (Sola Fide), James Anderson (Sola Gratia), Blair Smith (Solus Christus), Derek Thomas (Soli Deo Gloria), and myself (Sola Scriptura).

I might add that all these speakers (except myself!) are Systematic Theology profs at Reformed Theological Seminary.

And Keith and Kristyn Getty capped off the weekend with a concert that Sunday night.

Over the years (and even this year) I’ve heard a number of talks on the five solas.  And I have to say that the four talks given by my colleagues are some of the best I’ve ever heard.  They were insightful, profound, enlightening, convicting and encouraging.

The good news is that we have these talks on video.  Feel free to skip over mine and get onto the good ones! Here they are:

Session 1 | Sola Scriptura

Mike Kruger — “The Foundation for the Reformation, the Church, and All of Life”

Session 2 | Sola Fide

Kevin DeYoung — “Why the World Desperately Wants the Doctrine of Justification (But Doesn’t Realize It Yet)”

Session 3 | Sola Gratia

James Anderson — “The Glorious Offense of God’s Gospel Grace”

Session 4 | Solus Christus

Blair Smith — “Against the Idol Making Factory”

Session 5 | Soli Deo Gloria

Derek Thomas — “Worshiping the God Who is Worthy”


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