Helping Your Freshman Survive His First Year in College: A Radio Interview

Michael J. Kruger

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September 8, 2015

On the heels of the TGC video I did on surviving a university religion class, I have had an influx of inquiries into this topic. People have been asking all sorts of questions about how to prepare their high school student for what’s to come, or how to encourage their college student in the midst of struggles.

Last Thursday, I was invited to a radio interview with Chris Fabry Live on Moody radio in Chicago (which is nationally syndicated).  We had a fascinating discussion on this topic, and had folks call in from all over the country with their questions.  Here is what appeared on the moody radio website, along with a link to listen.  Enjoy!

September 03, 2015

Surviving World Religions Class

Your freshman is off to college to study. Can your new college student hang onto his or her faith in Jesus? Michael Kruger went to the University of North Carolina a committed believer, ready for any challenge the academic world could present. His New Testament professor was Bart Ehrman. Hear his story.

To read Michael’s blogpost or see his video about “How to Survive a University Religion Class,” please visit his website.

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