Have Questions about Marriage and Divorce? Here is a Fantastic New Book That Answers the Key Questions

Michael J. Kruger

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June 13, 2017

When it comes to shepherding God’s flock, there is little doubt that pastors spend a disproportionate amount of time addressing marriage problems in their congregations. Since marriage is a foundational institution created by God (Gen 2:23-25), it is perhaps no surprise that Satan attacks it relentlessly.

For this reason, I am excited about the new volume by RTS Charlotte counseling professor Jim Newheiser entitled, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage: Critical Questions and Answers (P&R, 2017).

One of the unique features of the book is the structure.  It is arranged into 40 different questions about marriage and divorce which allows the reader to turn directly to the question that is most pertinent to the situation they are facing.

For anyone in pastoral ministry, or who regularly finds themselves in counseling situations, this volume is a treasure trove of biblical, theological, Christ-centered wisdom about marriage. And all of it is delivered with a gracious, warm pastoral touch that comes from Newheiser’s many years of pastoral and counseling experience.

Also, check out the foreword by Ed Welch. The RTS Charlotte counseling program has leaned heavily on CCEF, particularly David Powlison and Ed Welch, as we have crafted our curriculum and our philosophy.  Indeed, Ed will be teaching a class at RTS Charlotte in our 2018 Winter term, Jan 23-26.

Ed comments on the book, “As I read this book, my first thought was this is the perfect book for pastors, elders, and church leaders” (xi). With this mind, consider giving a copy of this book to each of your elders or ministry leaders.

Here is a summary of the book along with endorsements:

Drawing on decades of counseling experience, Jim Newheiser explores forty crucial questions relating to the complexities of marriage, divorce, and remarriage—unpacking the answers given in God’s Word. This useful reference work for pastors, counselors, and personal study can also be read straight through for a scriptural overview of the topic or assigned in small sections to counselees.

“I am aware of no resource on marriage that is as comprehensive and yet as accessible as this book.” —Heath Lambert

“An exceptional resource. . . . Carefully organized, thoroughly researched, and very well written. This book is going to be the gold standard for pastors, biblical counselors, and other Christians.” —Martha Peace

“An excellent book for pastors and counselors—not simply for its thorough and relevant answers, but perhaps even more for its example of how to relate God’s Word to the tough issues of daily life.” —Bob Kellemen

“Newheiser’s pastoral insight, lucid analysis, and biblical focus make this book a must-read for people with questions about marriage and a valuable resource for a pastor’s bookshelf.” —Tedd Tripp

“The reader hungry to think carefully and practically about these matters will be richly rewarded with this concise yet comprehensive resource.” —Robert D. Jones

“I wish I had had a copy before I started out in ministry in the local church. I would have been better equipped to help and better prepared for the kinds of issues I would encounter.” —Ligon Duncan


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