Does Grace Oppose Hard Work? My Upcoming Conversation with Jen Wilkin at the @TGC National Conference

Michael J. Kruger

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April 9, 2021

So, today I am headed to Indianapolis for the TGC Women’s Conference (April 9-11), and the TGC National Conference (April 12-14). So excited to be in-person again, talking to real people.

I am speaking three times across the two conferences, so here’s the line-up:

1. Saturday, April 10, 4:30PM, I am doing a session entitled: “Can I Lose My Faith? Understanding Apostasy.”  Over the last few years, I have been tackling this theme of apostasy, or “deconversion,” through my new commentary on Hebrews (which will be a book give away at the National Conference), as well as through several blog articles on deconversion in the evangelical world. I hope this session can help cut through some of the confusion.

2. Monday, April 12, 11:15 AM, I am doing a panel discussion with my friends Dan Doriani and John Yates, entitled “Bully Pulpit: Training Christian Leaders to Resist Spiritual Abuse.” Spiritual abuse has been a sad trend over the last few years in the evangelical world and my hope is that this discussion can help highlight the problem and bring hope and healing to those who’ve been affected by it. For more, see my blog series on the topic which was written as a lead-up to this TGC discussion.

3. Last (but not least!), Monday, April 12, 1:30, I am having a conversation with my friend Jen Wilkin entitled, “Does Grace Oppose Hard Work? A Conversation about Legalism, Moralism, and the Gospel.” I am particularly excited about this session for a couple of reasons. For one, I think the issue of how grace and effort fit together is regularly misunderstood and misapplied, even in Reformed churches. That is confusing to people, and I hope our session will help.

Second, Jen and I have been talking about this issue for many years, starting with a wonderful article she wrote back in 2014 entitled, “Failure is Not a Virtue.” I followed up with my own article, defending her understanding of this important issue. It will be fun to pick up the conversation again.

If you are attending either of these conferences, come join us for one of these sessions. If not, remember that you can still register online and participate virtually.  See you in Indianapolis!

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