Did God Really Say? A New Book on the Authority of Scripture

Michael J. Kruger

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May 22, 2012

Last year at the 2011 General Assembly for the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), I participated in a conference on the authority of Scripture that was sponsored by Reformed Theological Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Covenant Theological Seminary.   Two scholars from each institution were asked to present papers on a variety of different topics.   The idea behind the conference is that the church is never finished waging the battle over the authority of the Bible–each new generation needs to do its part to address contemporary issues.

Those papers have now been gathered together in a book edited by David Garner: Did God Really Say? Affirming the Truthfulness and Trustworthiness of Scripture (P&R, 2012). In fact,  I received complimentary copies of the book today and it looks great.  Here is the table of contents:

Foreword: Robert C. (Ric) Cannada Jr., Bryan Chapell,
and Peter A. Lillback   ix

1. Because It Is the Word of God
K. Scott Oliphint  1

2. The Church, a Pillar of Truth: B.B. Warfield’s Church
Doctrine of Inspiration 23
Michael D. Williams

3. Deconstructing Canon: Recent Challenges to the Origins
and Authority of the New Testament Writings 49
Michael J. Kruger

4. Inerrancy’s Complexities: Grounds for Grace in
the Debate 71
Robert W. Yarbrough

5. God and Language 93
Vern S. Poythress

6. N.T. Wright and the Authority of Scripture 107
John M. Frame

7. Did God Really Say? 129
David B. Garner

This a great book for addressing the authority of Scripture with your church, Sunday School class, or home Bible study.   It would be ideal for a group of folks to work through together, chapter by chapter.   Thanks to David Garner for taking the initiative and putting this project together.  Great work!


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