Carson, Pratt, and Lane at RTS Charlotte

Michael J. Kruger

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June 17, 2013

Every summer at RTS Charlotte we have a full slate of one-week intensive courses.  Many of these courses are taught by our own faculty, but we also use this time to expose our students to professors from other institutions.  This summer we have an exceptional line up.

Richard Pratt (June 24-28) is teaching a class on hermeneutics.  Anyone who knows Richard and his work in hermeneutics will not want to miss this class.  He is a dynamic and interesting lecturer who challenges the students in a number of important areas.

D.A. Carson (July 8-12) is teaching “Exposition of Hebrews.”  One of the leading New Testament scholars in the world today, Dr. Carson will teach on one of the most fascinating books in the New Testament, the book of Hebrews.  He has taught for us many summers now, and we are glad to have him back.

Tim Lane (July 22-25) is teaching “Counseling in the Local Church.”  Dr. Lane is the president of the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) in Philadelphia.  RTS Charlotte is planning to do more in the area of biblical counseling and this course is a step in the right direction.  In addition to students, we hope this class will attract area pastors and lay leaders.

If you are in the area (or willing to drive), come check out some of these classes this Summer.  To register, go here.


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