Bible Secrets Revealed: The Complete Series

Michael J. Kruger

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February 3, 2014

For the last few months I have been working through the various episodes of Bible Secrets Revealed from the History Channel.  This series challenges a number of popular beliefs and conceptions that people hold about the Bible, and raises questions about the integrity and reliability of the Scriptures.  In each of the posts below, I summarize the main content of each episode and offer an evaluation and response.

This entire series has reminded me of two critical truths:

1. Our popular culture is prone to distort and misrepresent the teachings of the Bible. I was struck again by how sensationalistic and misleading popular-level programming can actually be when it comes to the Bible.  Although this series had some good moments, as a whole I was disappointed to see the History Channel offer the standard Da Vinci Code-style approach to the Bible.

2. The church must be equipped to respond to these sorts of critiques.  Given the high-profile nature of the History Channel (and similar style programming), the average person we are trying to reach is going to be exposed to this type of material.  And we need to be ready to offer some answers if we expect non-Christians to give the biblical message a hearing.

But, the implications are even bigger than this. Even believers are being exposed to these sorts of arguments, and often find their confidence in the Bible shaken.  At that point, they need a pastor who can speak intelligently about these issues.

Hopefully, these posts below can play a small part in equipping the church for these challenges:

1. Lost in Transmission

2.  The Promised Land

3. The Forbidden Scriptures

4. The Real Jesus

5. Mysterious Prophecies

6. Sex and the Scriptures


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