A Wonderful New Book on Parenting Teens

Michael J. Kruger

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April 1, 2024

Ok, let’s just get it out there. Parenting is hard. And parenting teens is particularly hard. Even more, parenting teens in our current cultural moment is exceptionally hard.

While every generation has “new” challenges, it is fair to say that the current generation has more than its fair share. We are faced with an increasingly secular culture, unprecedented social media pressures (and temptations), and record-breaking rates of depression and anxiety.

Unfortunately, Christian reactions to this matrix of challenges is not always healthy. Some parenting models become super aggressive, overly restrictive, and operate out of a fear-based mentality, sometimes exacerbating the very problem they are trying to solve. More than ever, we need a teen parenting book that is biblically-based, Christ-centered, and level-headed about the challenges we face.

For those reasons, I am super excited about my wife Melissa’s new book, Parenting with Hope: Raising Teens for Christ in a Secular Age (Harvest House), set to release on April 2nd. The book drips with biblical wisdom and practical advice, borne out of many years of raising our three children (who are now 23, 20, and 17). While recognizing the weight of the challenges we face, Melissa is able to avoid the alarmist tendencies out there, and instead offers a vision for parenting that is genuinely hopeful and encouraging. I’ve never read anything quite like it and I know it will be a great blessing to parents out there looking for guidance.

There are so many wonderful things to say about the book, but I will highlight one essential feature. Rather than just addressing the challenges with teens themselves, Melissa actually addresses the challenges with the parents (!) and the idols we all struggle with as it pertains to our kids. She explores three categories of idols: (a) scholarship and affluence; (b) sports and activities; and (c) social acceptance. Having read the book, these sections are very convicting (in a good way). Better buckle your seat belt.

As an additional note, if you pre-order the book you can join Melissa and me for a live parenting webinar on key principles for parenting teens. The webinar will be tomorrow night, April 2nd, at 8PM, and we would love to have you join us! To learn more, see here.

For more on the book, here is an introductory video by Melissa. Enjoy!



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