Great Review of Doug Kelly’s New Systematic Theology (Vol. 2)

Systematic Theology

Doug Kelly, the Richard Jordan Professor of Theology here at RTS Charlotte, has just released the second volume of his fantastic systematic theology series: Systematic Theology (Vol. 2): The Beauty of Christ–a Trinitarian Vision (Mentor, 2014).  Although one might think there are enough systematic theologies out there, this volume (and its predecessor) are genuinely unique.  In particular, Dr. Kelly engages the patristic writings with a level of detail that is unmatched by other volumes.  Thus, Kelly roots his theological discussion deeply within the context of church history.

This very point was made by Robert Letham in a great view of Kelly’s book that just came out on The

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My Review of Peter Enns’s New Book “The Bible Tells Me So”

The Bible Tells Me So

Pete Enns has just released his latest book, The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending the Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It (HarperOne, 2014).  It’s quite a bold piece of work, with a lot of serious claims about the role and purpose of the Bible.  Endorsers of the book include Rob Bell, Rachel Held Evans, and Brian Mclaren.  Tony Campolo also offers a blurb, but qualifies it with the statement, “[I] have some problems with what he has written.”  Given that Campolo is no fundamentalist, this is a telling statement.

Another telling statement is the inside flap of the book cover which states, “In The Bible Tells Me

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Did Jesus Really “Become” God? My Review of Bart Ehrman’s Latest

How Jesus Became God

Last week I mentioned that I have begun a new series on my blog responding to Bart Erhman’s latest volume, How Jesus Became God–The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee (HarperOne, 2014). For the prior posts in this series, see here and here. Future posts will come over the next few weeks.

Many of the posts in this series (though not all) will be drawn from my full-length review of Ehrman’s book.  I have just learned that Reformation 21 has now posted that full review here.

The review covers a lot of ground, ranging from early Christian views of semi-divine figures, to whether Jesus claimed to be …

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Bart Ehrman’s Worldview Problem–A Response to Bart Ehrman (Part 1)

Bart Ehrman

I have just finished my formal review of Bart Ehrman’s latest book, How Jesus Became God–The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee (HarperOne, 2014), and it should be available on the Reformation 21 website in the next week or so (I will provide a notice when it is posted).

In the meantime, I am beginning a series of blog posts responding to Ehrman’s new book.  Some of these posts will draw on aspects of my forthcoming review, and some of these will be new observations about his book.  This first post falls into the latter category and concerns the internal contradictions within Ehrman’s own worldview.

Even though Ehrman does …

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