“Detheologizing Christianity”: My Review of Rob Bell’s New Book

Rob Bell

In 1941, Rudolph Bultmann published a very famous essay on “demythologizing” the New Testament.  For Bultmann, the New Testament was filled with myths of miracles that no modern person could accept.  Thus, in an effort to save Christianity, he attempted to strip it of all its supernatural elements.  After all, we don’t want the concept of “God” to become out of date.

Rob Bell’s recent book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God (HarperOne, 2013), brings up many memories of Bultmann.  While Bell is not trying to take away the supernatural elements of the faith, he is trying to purge it of elements that he thinks will make …

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Tag Team with Michael Horton on “A New New Testament”

white horse inn

Over the last month, I have offered an extended review of Hal Taussig’s A New New Testament (see here for the final post with all the links). Taussig tries to add 10 apocryphal books to the existing NT canon.

Over at the White Horse Inn Blog, Mike Horton and I have offered a tag team review of this book. Mike offered his own review yesterday (April 30), and then he has posted my review today (May 1).   He tackles the book more from a theological perspective and I examine it more from a historical perspective.

Since my portion was already posted here on my own website, let me give …

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Witherington Reviews “The Early Text of the New Testament”


My recent book (c0-edited with my friend Chuck Hill) is The Early Text of the New Testament (Oxford, 2012).   That volume is a collection of essays designed to address the state of the NT text at the earliest observable stages.  Unfortunately, one might have to mortgage their home to purchase it at $140 (ouch).  Sorry, seminary students.

As a result of the high price, I am particularly grateful when someone takes the time to get a copy and review it.  Ben Witherington has recently reviewed the book over at his website and I am appreciative of his kind remarks.  Here are some excerpts:

Technical monographs are important, not least because

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