Defending Planned Parenthood: Do The Arguments Work?

every human life

Much has been said about Planned Parenthood over the last few weeks due to the release of numerous behind-the-scenes videos.  These videos have revealed what Christians have known (and said) for years, namely that abortion is one of the most barbaric, callous, and tragic practices of the modern world.

Hidden behind sanitized words like “fetus” and “tissue donation” and “scientific research” is the unthinkable reality that Planned Parenthood “doctors” are chopping up living babies in order to sell their body parts on the open market.

So, what could possibly be said in defense of PP’s activities?  Incredibly, some people have tried to make a defense.  And what is fascinating is …

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Is It a Waste of Time for Seminary Students (and Pastors) to Learn the Biblical Languages?


Note:  I post the article below every year as seminary students arrive. I hope it will prove helpful for a new crop of readers (or maybe even prior ones!)

In another month or so, a new crop of seminary students will begin the grueling month-long experience of Summer Greek.   And, like all seminary students before them, they will begin to ask the question of why studying these ancient languages even matters.   After all, a few years after graduation all will be forgotten.   In the midst of a busy pastoral life, who could possibly maintain proficiency in the languages?

As a result of these questions, some students decide (very early on) …

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Where Are They Now? RTS Charlotte Alumnus Mantle Nance

Mantle Nance

Over the last year or so, we have been working our way through a number of RTS Charlotte alumni in the Where Are They Now? series.  For the complete series, see here.

Not only is it a joy to watch seminary students graduate and head out into ministry, it is also a joy when they return to do ministry in the city of Charlotte.  On such occasions, we are able to witness their ministries firsthand as they labor in our very own city.

Such is the case with Mantle Nance (class of 2010).  This past year, Mantle has returned to Charlotte to take the pastorate of Ballantyne Presbyterian Church

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What Do We Mean When We Say the Bible is ‘Self-Authenticating’?

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Even though most Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, very few can give an articulate answer for how Christians know this to be true.  We believe it, but we are not sure why we believe it.

Of course, the average non-Christian critic out there is quick to pounce on this problem. “Christians have no reliable basis for knowing whether the Bible is God’s Word,” they might say.  “You Christians can believe it if you want to, but you have no grounds for believing it.  You are believing it without a reason.”

In order to address precisely this issue, I gave a lecture this past Spring …

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