Yet Another Example of the Fatal Flaw in the Argument for Same-Sex Marriage

Ryan Anderson

In my prior post, I argued that the primary argument for why same-sex marriage should be legalized–“it is discriminatory to tell consenting adults who love each other that they cannot get married”–is fatally flawed. On the logic of this argument, virtually any kind of marriage could be justified, including polygamous marriage and incestuous marriage.

In one of the comments on my prior post, there was a link to a fantastic video of Ryan Anderson speaking for the Heritage Foundation.  He makes precisely this point and utterly dismantles the argument that denial of same-sex marriage is discrimination.

What is particularly stunning is that the man asking the question in the …

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What the Media Isn’t Telling You Regarding the Judicial Arguments Over Same-Sex Marriage

supreme court

There has been a lot of talk in the last week over the oral arguments presented for and against same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court.  Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is presenting the outcome as a foregone conclusion. There are no reasonable or logical reasons to be against it, we are told.

But, there is one main reason to be against same-sex marriage that the mainstream media simply won’t talk about.  And it is a reason I’ve mentioned numerous times on this website (e.g., see prior posts here and here), and that many others have also observed.

That reason is simply this: the logic being used to promote same-sex

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One of the Best (and Most Overlooked) Explanations of the Plan of Salvation

BB Warfield

The critical question that every Christian must be able to answer is “How are people saved?”  In the seminary context, the doctrine of salvation (soteriology) is a central feature in the curriculum.  Preachers can’t preach a message of salvation if they don’t understand it themselves.

Of course, as an institution that bases its theology on the Reformation (the term “Reformed” is in our name!), Reformed Theological Seminary is committed to the doctrines of grace–the idea that people are sinners who cannot save themselves but desperately need God to save them.  On a popular level, this is simply known as Calvinism.

But, of course, not all Christians agree with this Reformed …

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The New Reformation Study Bible is Out–and It Looks Great

Reformation Study Bible

This past week I was at The Gospel Coalition national conference and was walking through the book area.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a display featuring the new Reformation Study Bible, edited by R.C. Sproul, and published by Reformation Trust/Ligonier.

Then, in the back of my mind, I thought, “Didn’t I write something for this study Bible?” (Yes, I have sadly arrived at the point where I don’t remember what I have written!). I flipped through the index and it turns out that I did write something.

The kind folks at the display assured me that my copy would be arriving in the mail soon.  …

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