Here is Why @RTSCharlotte Is Such a Special Place to Study

Having been at a professor at RTS Charlotte for nearly 14 years, and the president for 3 of those years, I can tell you that this is a special place to be.

We are blessed with an incredible faculty, an exceptional student body, and a fantastic city in which to serve and minister.

And all these factors are highlighted in our new video about the RTS Charlotte experience. If you are looking to go to seminary, you will want to watch this video:

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My Top Ten Favorite Books on the Authority of Scripture

all scripture

One of the most enjoyable aspects of speaking to different groups on the reliability of the Bible is the Q&A time. It is an exciting (and risky) affair because you never know what you are going to get.

Then again, sometimes you do know what you are going to get. Over the years, one question has been asked more than all others combined: “What are the best books to read on the authority of the Bible?”

Due to the popularity of that question, I have compiled an annotated list of the 10 best books on this topic. It goes without saying that such a list is highly selective (and debatable).

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New Book on the Authority of Scripture

Inerrant Word

If we learn anything from church history, its that the church fights the same battles over and over again.  Until Christ returns and redeems His church, this reality is, to some degree, inevitable. And one of those reoccurring battles is the issue of biblical authority.  For a variety of reasons, this topic continues to pop up again and again.

In the last 50 years, one of the key issues related to biblical authority is the issue of inerrancy.  Is inerrancy a recent, post-enlightenment, rationalistic (and largely American) invention as so many maintain?  While one most always be careful to explain and nuance the meaning of the term, I don’t …

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Where Are They Now? RTS Charlotte Alumna Tari Williamson

Tari Williamson

One of the exciting aspects of life at RTS Charlotte is seeing all the female students come through and head off into various kinds of ministry.  God is using these students in special ways, whether in college ministry, youth ministry, missions, women’s ministry, or counseling.

Our ministry to women is exemplified in Tari Williamson (class of 2005) who is the Dean of Women here on the Charlotte campus.  Tari has developed a wonderful women’s ministry–to both female students and student wives.  Her energy and enthusiasm has created a flourishing community where women feel loved and cared for.

So, Tari is the next installment of our Where Are They Now? series.…

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