Here is a Great Series by @melissabkruger on Reading the Bible in a Year

Melissa Kruger

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, everyone is starting to talk about cranking up the yearly Bible reading for 2016.

But, if you are looking for more than just a link to a good Bible reading program, you will want to check out the great 4-part series my wife Melissa did over at TGC on her blog Wit’s End.  She provides the bigger picture reasons and motivations for why Bible reading in a year makes sense.

One of her key reasons is that yearly Bible reading allows us to see the big sweep of redemptive history, something piece-meal reading can never do.  Put differently, Bible reading in …

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One of the Most Unique Books on the Authority of Scripture in Generations

Peculiar Glory

We certainly have no shortage of books defending and upholding the authority of Scripture. In fact, I recently posted my list of top ten books on this subject.

And the reason we have so many of these books is not hard to find.  The world continues to attack the Bible. And many Christians continue to doubt the Bible.

But one thing we do have a shortage of is certain kinds of books on the authority of Scripture.  Most books on the authority of Scripture are either providing a theological explanation of our doctrine of Scripture, or are providing historical evidence for how the Bible was put together. Or maybe both.…

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Does God “Want” All to Be Saved? Probing into the Will of God


As many know, the last two years I have been teaching a weekly women’s Bible study at RTS Charlotte designed to reach the community outside the formal seminary classroom. Every Wednesday, 120 plus women gather together to study the book of Romans, and it has been a delight.

We made it to the beginning of Romans 11 before stopping for the winter break, and we will resume in the Spring.  If you are interested in seeing the videos and getting the handouts, you can go here.

Of course, as everyone knows, one of the major themes in Romans 9-11 is the doctrine of election.  In fact, in Rom 11:7-8

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What Do We Mean When We Say the Bible is ‘Self-Authenticating’?

all scripture

Even though most Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, very few can give an articulate answer for how Christians know this to be true.  We believe it, but we are not sure why we believe it.

Of course, the average non-Christian critic out there is quick to pounce on this problem. “Christians have no reliable basis for knowing whether the Bible is God’s Word,” they might say.  “You Christians can believe it if you want to, but you have no grounds for believing it.  You are believing it without a reason.”

In order to address precisely this issue, I gave a lecture this past Spring …

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