The Most Important Passage in the Whole of Scripture

Book of Romans

As I mentioned in a prior post here, I have been teaching a weekly Bible study on the book of Romans to women in the Charlotte community.  For the last several months, we have been plodding our way through the first three chapters as Paul has laid out his case that all mankind–Jew and Gentile–are sinful and rightly under the judgment of God.  Paul finishes this section of his letter with this monumental statement: “For by works of the Law no human being will be justified in his sight” (Rom 3:20).

You can almost hear the gavel fall with a boom.

Thankfully, Paul does not end his …

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Where Are They Now? RTS Charlotte Alumnus Alyson Averitt

Alyson Averitt

I get asked all the time about what aspects of ministry can be improved in Reformed denominations in America (e.g., PCA, ARP, EPC, OPC). While there are many answers to that question, there is one that stands out: more Reformed churches need to include staff positions for women’s ministry. While the public preaching of the Word, done by ordained ministers, will always be the core ministry of any church, there are many other critical ministries that should not be ignored. And women’s ministry is one of them.

Paul explicitly gives the command that certain women in the church are to “teach what is good, and so train the young women” …

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New Review of James Anderson’s “What’s Your Worldview?”

What's Your Worldview

James Anderson, Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy here at RTS Charlotte, has written a wonderful little book entitled What’s Your Worldview?.  Over at Reformation 21, Gabriel Fluhrer has offered a very positive review. Although there are many books on the topic of worldviews (maybe too many), Fluhrer argues that Anderson’s is unique. He says, “Anderson’s work might be the best brief worldview book to date.”

He concludes his review:

In the end there is very little to criticize in Anderson’s work, even if one is not a Christian.  Those who hold to any one of the twenty or so worldviews Anderson scrutinizes will find their

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Great Review of Doug Kelly’s New Systematic Theology (Vol. 2)

Systematic Theology

Doug Kelly, the Richard Jordan Professor of Theology here at RTS Charlotte, has just released the second volume of his fantastic systematic theology series: Systematic Theology (Vol. 2): The Beauty of Christ–a Trinitarian Vision (Mentor, 2014).  Although one might think there are enough systematic theologies out there, this volume (and its predecessor) are genuinely unique.  In particular, Dr. Kelly engages the patristic writings with a level of detail that is unmatched by other volumes.  Thus, Kelly roots his theological discussion deeply within the context of church history.

This very point was made by Robert Letham in a great view of Kelly’s book that just came out on The

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