Great Review of Doug Kelly’s New Systematic Theology (Vol. 2)

Systematic Theology

Doug Kelly, the Richard Jordan Professor of Theology here at RTS Charlotte, has just released the second volume of his fantastic systematic theology series: Systematic Theology (Vol. 2): The Beauty of Christ–a Trinitarian Vision (Mentor, 2014).  Although one might think there are enough systematic theologies out there, this volume (and its predecessor) are genuinely unique.  In particular, Dr. Kelly engages the patristic writings with a level of detail that is unmatched by other volumes.  Thus, Kelly roots his theological discussion deeply within the context of church history.

This very point was made by Robert Letham in a great view of Kelly’s book that just came out on The

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My Review of Peter Enns’s New Book “The Bible Tells Me So”

The Bible Tells Me So

Pete Enns has just released his latest book, The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending the Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It (HarperOne, 2014).  It’s quite a bold piece of work, with a lot of serious claims about the role and purpose of the Bible.  Endorsers of the book include Rob Bell, Rachel Held Evans, and Brian Mclaren.  Tony Campolo also offers a blurb, but qualifies it with the statement, “[I] have some problems with what he has written.”  Given that Campolo is no fundamentalist, this is a telling statement.

Another telling statement is the inside flap of the book cover which states, “In The Bible Tells Me

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New RTS Charlotte Women’s Bible Study on Romans

Lloyd Jones

In the mid twentieth century, Martin Lloyd-Jones preached through Romans on Friday at night at Westminster Chapel in London.  Before it was all done, his series spanned 11 years and 372 sermons.  Now those sermons have been gathered together in a commentary series on Romans which is one of the finest available. I highly recommend it.

Although I don’t have plans to remotely challenge Lloyd-Jones epic series in Romans, this Fall we began a new study of Romans here at the RTS Charlotte campus.  It is a Wednesday morning Bible study for women in the Charlotte community.  I had the idea for this study a few years ago as I …

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Social Justice and the Gospel: What is the Core Mission of the Church?

helping the poor

There has been much talk in the last number of years regarding the role of mercy ministry (advocating for social justice) in the life of the local church.  I have addressed that issue in a number of previous posts, including this one here.  In addition, I recently led a faculty forum–an informal discussion time between students and faculty–on the topic here on the RTS Charlotte campus.

In that faculty forum, I acknowledged the legitimacy of doing “mercy ministry” in the local church.  After all, Christians should be known for acts of kindness and grace.  Indeed, in my own research on second-century Christianity it was clear that the early believers were different …

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