RTS Panel on the Authority of Scripture at The Gospel Coalition


A couple of days ago, TGC announced on its website that professors from Reformed Theological Seminary will be participating in a couple of panel discussions during the first evening (April 8 at 5:30) of its upcoming annual conference in Orlando.

I will be participating in the first panel discussion on the authority of Scripture, moderated by Justin Taylor.  I look forward to joining my RTS colleagues John Currid, Chuck Hill, and Bruce Baugus.  Should be an interesting discussion that ranges from text and canon issues (Chuck and myself), to the relationships between the OT and ANE literature (Currid), to the theological and philosophical foundations for our view of the Bible …

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Lessons from the Life of Eric Liddell: #2: “Determination is Not Contrary to the Gospel of Grace”

Eric Liddell Winning

This is the second installment of a blog series announced here.

When it came to athletics, especially running, there were few people more determined than Eric Liddell.  To put it simply, he would never give up.   Never.

The most famous example of Liddell’s determination was at a 1923 championship meet at Stoke where he was competing against runners from Scotland, England, and Ireland.  After competing in the 100 and the 200, an exhausted Liddell was set to run the 400—and event for which he had hardly trained.

Soon after the race had begun, Liddell’s chances grew even worse when at the first turn he was tripped up by another …

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Ten Basic Facts about the NT Canon that Every Christian Should Memorize: #3: “The New Testament Books Are Unique Because They Are Apostolic Books”


Note: This is the third installment of a new blog series announced here.

One of the most basic facts about the New Testament canon that all Christians should understand is that the canon is intimately connected to the activities of the apostles.

Jesus had commissioned his apostles “so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach and have authority” (Mark 3:14–15).  When Jesus sent out the twelve, he reminds them that “For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you” (Matt 10:20).  Thus, he is able to give a warning to those …

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Witherington Reviews “The Early Text of the New Testament”


My recent book (c0-edited with my friend Chuck Hill) is The Early Text of the New Testament (Oxford, 2012).   That volume is a collection of essays designed to address the state of the NT text at the earliest observable stages.  Unfortunately, one might have to mortgage their home to purchase it at $140 (ouch).  Sorry, seminary students.

As a result of the high price, I am particularly grateful when someone takes the time to get a copy and review it.  Ben Witherington has recently reviewed the book over at his website and I am appreciative of his kind remarks.  Here are some excerpts:

Technical monographs are important, not least because

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